Eyebrows—Need to Know

30/06/2012 16:50

Girls, we know eyebrows are one of the most important features on your faces, as eyes are the windows to soul, they should be properly framed. A natural—looking brow with medium thickness and medium arch will always look pleasing. While straight and thin brows give people a worried or pensive look, thin eyebrows with exaggerated height and length give a surprised or clueless look, therefore, maintaining suitable eyebrows working with your face is important, especially for permanent makeup, because it is not easy to remove.

The most important thing to have permanent makeup in eyebrow is to fix the eyebrow placement, size and shape. Firstly, place a pencil at your nostril and let it go over the start of your inner eye, where the pencil goes over your brow, it where the start of your eyebrow. But there are many variations in nose width, some people would just eyeball it. Secondly, still starting at your nostril use the pencil to make a line passing over the pupil of your eye looking forward, the place the pencil crosses over your brow is the highest arch of your brow. Thirdly, to begin at your nostril and make a live over the point of your outer eye, the place the pencil meets your brow is the ending of the brow.  Then the three most important points for permanent makeup in eyebrow are settled.

Most people who think their bone structures being not prominent will have permanent makeup. The arch of your brow is important because it gives you definition and a brighter, awake look, which make your face more prominent. But there are not definite perfect arch for everybody, for people’s face shapes differ a lot from each other. You should choose an eyebrow style according to your face, except for those, choosing eyebrow pigments color is also an important step, if you want to know more, you may check on