Expand Your Knowledge about Tattoo Ink Colors

22/07/2011 14:34

 Tattoo ink gives highlights to tattoos and makes the design look much more real. In this case, if you want to get a tattoo, the first thing you should do is to get some ideas about tattoo ink colors. Hope this article will help to expand your knowledge about that.

 The commonly used ink colors are as follows: black, white, pink, red, blue, purple, yellow, green etc. Let’s make a close look at them one by one.

  If you want to pick up a kind of tattoo ink color that can last longer, black may be your best choice, as it takes the longest time to fade. As a result, some people color the entire tattoo design with black tattoo ink. Another good thing is when black color starts to shade, the design turns grey and it still looks quite similar to black, remaining the original beauty of your tattoos.

  Then comes to those fade gradually, we have pink, red, blue and purple. If you want to make a shining tattoo, dark pink that mixes red with pink will be a good choice. Pay attention to make some experience on your skin before applying red and pink tattoo ink, as they are the most risky tattoo ink colors causing allergy. And for blue and purple, they are always mixed together to make violet and turquoise ink colors, which enable the tattoo designs to keep the original luster for years, but light purple and light blue will fade quickly.

Opposite to black, white tattoo ink seem to fade easier when it’s exposed to the sun light, which turns light brown or yellow after that. To apply this kind of tattoo ink color, you may tolerate more as to make it visible, the needle should be inserted deeper. But white ink is a good choice to lighten other dark ink colors.

   Second to white tattoo ink color, yellow and green fade significantly in a short period, but they give a good emphasis to tattoos, so they are still frequently used. The suggestion is not to color the whole tattoo with yellow and green tattoo ink.

  It’s not threatened for you to know each tattoo ink color has its own risks. That’s why when choosing ink colors, things you should take into consideration is more than just coordination of those colors. It’s quite recommended for you to have a talk with the tattoo artists, who will be experienced enough to make your tattoos look brilliant after years and lower the risks you may encounter.

  One more suggestion, give your tattoos some anti-sunshine measurements to protect your tattoo ink colors from fading quickly and maintain the tattoos brand new for a longer time.