Dress Codes for Interview—Women

09/09/2011 11:27

Dressing for a job interview is always annoying, especially for those new job hunters, nobody wants to lose any opportunities just because of your improper dressing in today’s economy. Therefore, knowing some basic dress codes for interview is really important for nowadays women.

If you have got an interview opportunity, you’d better know what the company is, know something about the company’s corporate culture. A good way is to visit the company’s website, to see how the people wear, business suits or jeans.

Next, even if it appears the culture is very relaxed, make sure your dressing tells others that you treat the interview seriously and you are dressing for the job you want to get up to, not the job you are interviewing for. If you are interviewing for an aside position but eventually want to be a manager, dress as you are interviewing for a manager position. Jeans are always not in the dress codes for interview.

Women should wear a gray or white shirt under her suit for a job interview, the shirt should be conservative and loose fitting. A standard button down shirt is considered the most classic option and cleavage should never be exposed. If wearing pants, make sure they are not too tight. If wearing a skirt suit, the skirt needs to be below your knees and stockings are a must, translucent or nude are fine, it is thought that see through black stockings are more conservative than nude. According to dress code for interview, shoes should be conservative and close toed no sandals or peep toes.

Last, dress codes for interview tell you jewelry should be minimal, a light pearl necklace always looks great, and hair should be neat and well groomed. Massive curls, which keep the hair off your face during the interview and make the focus on your hairstyle, not your skills, are not necessary.

No matter you wear a skirt or pants, all your efforts are to project a professional image, which means your wearing can’t be the focus, but to promote your image.