Buying a Tattoo Machine

29/07/2011 11:37

Are you looking for a tattoo machine? Maybe you are an experienced tattoo artist, you might known the tattoo machine is the most equipment in the tattoo products. Maybe you are a new who wants to buy a tattoo machine to start your tattoos and you dont know the tips when you buying a tattoo machine. It doesnt matter. Now, I am going to explain the tips for you.
First, during tattooing, we always regard the
tattoo machines in our hands. As they are most used, we should choose the machines which have strong materials, avoiding breaking when drop on the ground. We can choose the materials which made of iron, brass or copper. In addition, good stability is important, so that the machines will not mess the design which we have done.
Second, we should notice the purpose of the tattoo machine. General, there are two purpose, one is
lining, the other one is shading. You’d better consider to have two machines, one is for lining, the other one is for shading, so when you tattooing, you needt change the needles all the time. Certainly, there is a tattoo machine which can used for lining either for shading on sale in the market. If you are a new starter, you d better not buy this one. As this tattoo machine needs to switch the functions between lining and shading. Therefore, this tattoo machine suits the experienced tattoo artists.
Third, if you are a new starter, you are considering buying
tattoo machines. You can directly buy a tattoo kit. The tattoo kit general contains 2 tattoo machines at least. As a tattoo kit contains all the things which needed in the tattoos, you just go to a professional tattoo store to buy a professional tattoo kit. You can save much money and time.
Finally, you should not go after the tattoo machines which are expensive price. Experienced tattoo artists might cost few dollars to buy personal tattoo machines. The truth is that each tattoo artist should find their comfortable feeling machines by their own experiences. Last, wish you can choose a right tattoo machine.