Best tattoo power supply for your beginner tattoo machine kit

15/09/2010 15:21


The tattoo machine power supplies are very important during the process of tattooing. You may get some cheap tattoo machine at very low cost and intended to change them when the skills come to the next level. But the tattoo power supply could be a one time investment. So choosing a better quality power supply at affordable price may be the best choice. The Parameters of tattoo machine power supplies are a little abstract for tattoo beginner. Here I list several tattoo power supply and compare the functions, that will be easy to understand.

1. Ordinary cheap tattoo machine power supply


Made of Iron, 1050g, 11cm X 9.8cm X 7.1cm, normal ta2 power supply should be like this. And the important parameters are voltages. Input AC: 110-220V conversion, Output DC: 0-15V conversion,  Starting work under 3V. About $15 each.


The 110V-220V input Vs are only enough in a safe circuit condition, and could be used in all countries with different home electricity. Better to go with voltage regulators to protect the power supply.

2. Dual tattoo power supply at afford price.

We need not only one machine to finish the whole tattooing, this kind of tattoo machine offers dual output which are produced to comfort tattooists without changing the tattoo machine power supply while changing the tattoo machines.


Steady Cast Iron, 1159g, 14cm × 11cm × 8cm, a little heavier and larger than the single machines. Input AC, 220V, 110V, output DC 0-15V like the normal ones. With not very large LED screen, dual output.  About $20 each.


Some of this kind of machine power supplies accepts 220v or 110v electricity, not like the ones which could change the input AC from 110V to 220V. That's the thing need to notice. One power supply equals to 2, and the price is about 25% discount by combination of the machine parts. That's why many artists choose dual tattoo power supply for their studios.

3. From the side of quality, another power supply is highly recommended.


The highlights of course are the function parameters.

Made of aluminum, only 290g,. 11.7cm X 8.4cm X 3.5cm, input AC, 60-260V automatic conversion. 0-18V. available at $20-30.


Same weight like a tattoo machine. The volume is as large as two packs of cigarettes lay flat. Broader voltage settings and automatic conversion make the unit be able to suit any home electrical conditions, with out additional electricity protect equipment. No start voltage limit, more safe for your tattoo machines. The voltage setting button is a 10 turn style for very easy use.