Best Tattoo Power Supply for Tattoo Starters

15/03/2011 15:53

Same to the tattoo machine or tattoo gun, tattoo power supply plays a really essential role in tattooing, buying which needs enough knowledge and wise choices. Professional tattoo artists feel at ease when choosing as they know which type of tattoo power supply is suitable and necessary for their work, but tattoo starters may need help. Here is the best tattoo power supply suitable for them.

  A better quality one with affordable price seems to be a pretty good choice. In the very beginning, starters feel at sea when they see those parameters listed under the tattoo power supplies. Now let’s compare them to get easier understanding.

  For price, dual tattoo power supply is highly recommended with a really affordable price of around $15 each. we may need more than one tattoo machine to accomplish the entire process, so with the help of its dual output, you save the time to adjust the power supply, after changing the tattoo machine, you are able to continue to the next step. It really helps.

  Mostly, this kind of tattoo power supply is made of steady cast iron with a weight of 1159g and a size of 14cmx 11cmx 8cm, so it is a bit h


eavier and bigger than the single machines. Its input AC can accept both 220V and 110V electricity, which is quite different from those that change the input AC from 110v to 220v, and with an output DC of 0~15v to support most of the tattoo machines. The plugs vary from country to country, so remember to tell the supplier your country for them to send the plug accordingly. Dual tattoo power supply has a small LCD screen on it to display the voltage more accurately. Tattoo studios prefer to choose this kind of tattoo power supply as they can get one equals to 2, and the price will be 25% less than buying two.

  And for quality, you may choose aluminum power supply. As the name indicates, it is made of aluminum, only 290g, 11.7cm X 8.4cm X 3.5cm each. The function parameters are really attractive: Input AC is 60~260V and output DC is 0~18V. The best thing is the voltage setting, a 10 turn style, really easy for use. You can get one with $10 to $20.


  The shape aluminum tattoo power supply is almost like two cigarette cases laying flat together. With wider voltage settings and automatic conversion, this kind of power supply is suitable to worldwide home electrical conditions, and no additional electricity protect equipment is needed. It’s really practical and very easy in use.

  As a starter, you may compare the above parameters of tattoo power supplies to decide which one is the best tattoo power supply for you.