Best Tattoo Machine- Luo’s Professional Handmade Tattoo Machine

04/03/2011 13:35

To get a decent tattoo machine is the first thing you should do as long as you plan to start a business. In this case, highly recommend you to get a handmade tattoo machine, which is made of professional tattoo artists handy with much more attention to the small details that make the machine much more unique and reliable than those mass-produced ones.

Here I want to recommend a best tattoo machine-Luo’s handmade tattoo machine for professional tattoo artists.

  Handmade Luo’s machines are made by Mr. Luo. The main material he uses is pure copper that makes the machine looks really luxurious. This tattoo machine is designed and constructed with advanced technology. You can find its appearance to be pretty rare and it performs really well.

  Let’s have a close look at them.

  Different from other machine made of Carbon alloy, stainless steel and some other materials, Luo’s handmade tattoo machines are made of brass and heat-resistant polymeric. Thus, they have far better materials than others. After years of usage and oxidation, they still look beautiful. The empaistic designs on the machines just can’t be any exquisite. You can clearly see the texture of the designs. The wonderful colors and the vivid images on both the machine and the wrap coils give this kind of handmade tattoo machine an incomparable appearance, which drives me indulged in.

  Besides the appearance, the function is also outstanding. They are set-up for professional lining and shading work. With well-balanced brass tattoo machine frame, Luo’s handmade tattoo machines are solid for low vibration and perfectly combine density and structural integrity together. Copper core 10 wrap coils and solid copper armature bar ensure the strongest conductivity of the magnetic field to pull down even your needles smooth and firm. The better thing is, brass takes much longer time to heat up, so it will need less times of breaks. No fake plastic screws or hardware are included. You can adjust the versatile front and rear springs by screws.

  Luo’s tattoo machines are thoroughly made by bare hands improvisatorially, so they don’t have an inventory. When buying, you may need to wait for 5 days for the supplier to process your order.

 Slightly different markings and highlights give Luo’s handmade tattoo machines the best appearance and the high performance for professional tattooing makes them the best tattoo machine for professional tattoo artists, worthy buying.