All the Concern about Tattoo Ink

12/04/2011 11:05

  Before you decide to get a tattoo, you may have various questions in your mind, concerning about the safety, the possible tattoo ink colors that will be applied and what tattoo design works the best. Most of them are closely related to tattoo ink, which seems to be a most vital element among all the tattoo supplies.

  I’d like to compare tattoo ink to the soul of tattoo body art, which always adds realism to the design and makes it more real and vivid. But the real component of tattoo ink is not actual ink, but ink pigments and carrier.

  Those pigments can be made from various things such as vegetable dyes, plastics, heavy metals and other minerals. The carrier will be some liquids delivering the pigment to the under layer of the skin. Good carrier will lead the tattoo ink an even spread and leave a clear look of the design, no blooming. To some extent, the carrier can be a good assistant to reduce the risks of being infected, so a bad carrier will do much more harm on you. It’s highly recommended by tattoo artists to use alcohol as the carrier, as it makes it more easily for your body to accept the ink.

  Tattoo ink comes in various types. That’s why tattoo ink supplies will list all the ingredients for you to distinguish them each. Don’t worry if tattoo artists mix quality tattoo ink together, since it’ll be quite safe. Among all the types, Intenze tattoo ink is pretty popular with most tattoo artists. Black light tattoo ink used to be really popular, but it hasn’t been proved to be safe till now.

Some common risks relevant to tattoo ink are terrible, such as phototoxic reactions. One of the ink’s materials is plastic, which will cause reactions when getting exposed to the sun. To relief the risks, please don’t let your tattoo design exposing to the sun so often and get high quality tattoo supplies to apply the design.

In a word, it’s quite important to get the proper tattoo ink supply. With less risks, and richer knowledge, all the concern about tattoo ink can be solved. Enjoy a safe tattooing!