About Tattoo Machines: Secrets That You Don’t Know

13/06/2011 14:01

To many of the common people, tattoo machines are uncanny and intricate devices, which usually can be smoothly manipulated by professional experts of the tattoo artists. However, if you stand closely enough to see into them, you will get the concept that how you misunderstood them previously by prejudice. Tattoo machines are not complex and horrifying devices, on the contrary they are quite easy to learn and doing a lot of help to the tattoo artists for relieving them from repeatedly heavy hand work to exquisite art creation of the colorful patterns under the human skin.


There are several items of the interesting knowledge or tips I would like to share with you about tattoo machines, which I call as their little secrets. In spite of the notorious beginning of the tattoo art history, tattoo machines are actually invented by Thomas Alva Edison, who, yes, is exactly the same famous man carved in the human annals for his numerous inventions to push forward the human world. Thomas Alva Edison made out the first version of electric devices for engrave inks to specific surface, so called as Stencil-Pens, which was although not tended to be the origin of tattoo machines in modern times, yet truly gave the indication to run and indeed be the basic form of today’s tattoo devices.


The working theory of tattoo machines is very simple, so simple that many experienced tattoo artists could home-make their own appliances to low the cost for their practice. Because although the electric version of tattoo machines has been invented, the general working rule of the machines is not changed, which lies in the needles constant penetration to insert ink. For tattoo machines, those ones that don’t hit too hard while practicing are good machines, because if hitting too had, dedicate human skin will easily get hurt, let alone the customers’ tolerance to the pain. Most important, is that hitting too hard machine will restrain the intake of the needle due to the machine’s construction.


Like two patterns in tattoo practice, there are two main streams of tattoo machines, machines for lining, and machines for shading. The two machines which respectively have a slight difference between themselves will help the tattoo artists accomplish the expectant tattoo patterns in their mind.