A Tattoo Kit Made In China Sucks?

18/12/2010 10:57

  Whether it’s wise to buy a tattoo kit is always a hot topic that is discussed by many tattoo artists. Some may admonish you not to buy repeatedly, especially those made in China, as they think those kits sucks. Actually they are not so horrible as you think.


Someone may tell you that tattoo kits made in China are all garbage as they may not contain high quality equipment inside though they are cheap to some extent. They believe that most suppliers of quality tattoo machines will only sell to registered/licensed tattoo artists, which is partially right.


 Mostly, when it comes to low quality kits, people refer to tattoo starter kits, which are specially designed for tattoo starters that contain a CD or a DVD, and practice skin inside. Those kits are for exercising so that they can’t meet the requirements from senior tattoo artists. Experienced artists will get professional tattoo kits that perform well in tattooing on the skin. They can even make their own lists that include all the ideal equipment and get their unique tattoo kits, which are called customer tattoo kits offered by most Chinese suppliers. Before making the choice, surely they know the actual quality about the chosen tools. Who will be so idiotic to bring inferior tattoo equipment back home all by their own choice? This happens not only in Chinese stores, but also stores in your local area, both online or offline. All the different kits are sold according to the artists’ level. If you are a pretty skilled tattoo artist, but you get a tattoo starter kit for your tattoo practice, definitely you will find it really suck as you should stop to tune the tattoo machine or the needles again and again during the process. But things will be different if you change a tattoo kit for senior tattoo artists. So when you find the kit you bought from a Chinese supplier turn out to be horrible in tattoo practice, the first thing you should do is not to blame on kits made in China, but to check whether your chosen tattoo kit is proper to your level.


As for the price, “Made in China” always works magic to make it really cheap, but people always associate bargains with low quality, so they have more confidence in those expensive ones. As a result, some people take it for granted that a Chinese tattoo kit is bad in quality. However, quality is not in proportion with price. You can do a survey. Some kits sold at more than $100 at American or UK local stores may have the same quality as those offered at no more than $50 by China suppliers. Someone just give prejudice to a tattoo kit made in China, so they say bad words about them though they haven’t really experienced before.

Some professional tattoo artists in my area are using Chinese kits, but all things go on well and they really speak highly of them so that they prefer to find a Chinese supplier to get their equipment. One of the advantages of tattoo kits is cheap in price, and tattoo kits made in China can’t be more specialized in expressing it. You should try it and you will find someone just over generalized.


Most of those who said tattoo kits made in China are garbage may get an unsuitable one or they just have prejudice, so you can’t make the decision to quit before you really have the bad experience. A Chinese tattoo kit deserves relying confidence on.


More advices: before buying a tattoo kit, you should have a fairly good art background to begin with and you need someone already in the business to teach you how a tattoo is done. Never do tattoos in your body unless you are really familiar with the whole process, or you may get into troubles.