A Brief Introduction of Airbrush Tattoo Kits

08/03/2011 15:37


Having an awesome and unique tattoo on the body often sets you apart from the crow, as it looks really appealing. Tattooing now becomes a trend, especially among the young, which helps to show special personality. When permanent tattoos is really hot, some people still prefer temporary tattoos like airbrush tattoos, as they can remove the existing design and change another suitable for a special occasion more easily.

 The good thing of an airbrush tattoo design is that it looks quite similar to permanent one and it gives you less pain while fewer skills are required. You’re suggested to start with an airbrush tattoo kit, which contains all the needed equipment and provides an easier way to create airbrush tattoos. With airbrush tattoo kits, you can apply a design wherever on your body. Usually it’ll last for 3 to 5 weeks depending on how you treat them and you can easily clean them after 3 to 4 days.

So what do airbrush tattoo kits contain? Namely: an airbrush, an air compressor, stencils, ink and some accessories.

Type and quality of the airbrushes will depend on the kit you purchased, which will be pretty beautiful. Brushes are designed for precise painting enabling you to create an exquisite and ideal design all by your hands.


The compressor doesn’t make any noise during the process. It plays the role that a tattoo machine does in needle tattooing, which is the central equipment in airbrush tattoo kits.

Another essential part is the stencil, which determines the design of your tattoos as the template for you to transfer the airbrush tattoo on your body. Nowadays, it’s convenient for you to find stencils with different designs being made of various materials here and there in your local market and online stores. Ink will be applied with the edge of the choosing stencil.

In an airbrush tattoo kit, usually at least 7 different ink colors will be concluded. You can buy more if needed.

 If you are the first time to try airbrush tattoos, there is no need for you to get someone for instructions. A Teaching DVD will be sent to you as a free gift along with the kit, which tells you every step in details. You can learn this easy skill in a short time.

For those who are frequently appeared on parties, temporary airbrush tattoos will be the best choice. So, get some airbrush tattoo kits now to get a starter.