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17/08/2012 17:27

About Permanent Makeup Lips

Lips are a focal point when speaking, adding expressive impact to the words being spoken. A person's age, health, emotional status, and general attitude is judged by the appearance of the lips. Permanent makeup lip coloring tattoo can be used to enhance the contour of the lips toward a...


14/08/2012 14:18

Making Sure Your Tattoo Needles in a Good Condition

Making tattoo is more and more popular. Most people like tattoo and want tattoo, but they are worrying about a question that is risk of tattoo. During the tattooing, whether you ignore the tattoo needles? No matter what level tattoo artist you are, you all should pay attention to tattoo...


07/08/2012 15:40

Make Some Adjustments to Your Tattoo Guns

Tattoo guns, an essential assistant in tattooing, need to meet different requires from various tattoo artists to fit their unique hand craft. When using, you can still make some adjustments to your tattoo guns though they’ve been set up before coming to you. Usually, each professional tattoo...


24/07/2012 15:46

The Tips on Getting Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is popular in these years. It includes eyeliner, lip liner, eyebrow and so on. Get permanent makeup must be from a trained professional so that you can reduce the risk of serious injury or bodily harm. You should consider which permanent makeup you need, where you want to...


19/07/2012 14:14

Tips of Buying Cheap Tattoo Guns Online

When tattoo artists need to make supplement for tattoo guns, most of them may try those online tattoo supply stores, which saves them much troubles of touring around the city to look for their idea equipments, and it’s easier for them to buy tattoo guns cheap as they can communicate directly to...


13/07/2012 17:16

Where Does the First Tattoo Machine Come Out?

We all know that in modern society the main device that the tattoo artists use is the tattoo machine when they are doing tattoo practicing. Actually, we could even say that without tattoo machine, there would be no tattoos to be done in such a short time. However, there seems to be little people...


11/07/2012 15:56

How to Remove Tattoo Ink from Clothing

Tattoos are permanent designs for someone’s body. During tattoo and after getting tattoo, tattoo ink may bleed onto clothes. These ink are also become permanent mark. Did you get in trouble with this careless? You needn’t mind staining and placing towels, bedding, or others for a few days, after...


06/07/2012 16:24

A Right Tattoo Kit is needed by Tattoo Artist

Do you want to know where to get the right tattoo kits? Whether you are an experienced tattoo artist or you are a tattoo beginner, any kit must have been best you can be. Whatever talented you are, without a right kit, you can not do much work. It’s true. Although all the tattoo kits are not...


04/07/2012 17:49

How to Use a Magnum Tattoo Needle

Magnum tattoo needles are also called magnum shaders. Magnum shaders can provide depth and various tattoo ink put into the tattoo. Of cause, different size brings different effects. Magnum tattoo needles are specifically used for careful tattoo process. The needles are arranged in two or more...


30/06/2012 16:50

Eyebrows—Need to Know

Girls, we know eyebrows are one of the most important features on your faces, as eyes are the windows to soul, they should be properly framed. A natural—looking brow with medium thickness and medium arch will always look pleasing. While straight and thin brows give people a worried or pensive...